AE Day 2022 at the Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, Texas

We love this annual event!

The Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Foundation is once again delighted to share with you the information and the registration link for the annual AE Day hosted virtually by the Texas Children’s Hospital, on Saturday, 12 February 2022, in Houston, Texas. The event is free of charge, however you must register at the link provided. This event is geared to patients and families. 

The event will be in the form of a Virtual AE Breakfast with your Brain Team this Saturday, 2022-02-12 at 10:00 a.m.-12:40 p.m CT. The event will include questions answered by both Adult & Pediatric Neurologists, a Physical Med & Rehab Physician, a Neuropsychologist, as well as rheumatologist, Dr. E. Muscal. 

If you have specific questions that you would like to be considered, please send them to our email in advance at and the AE Day team hosting the event will endeavour to answer as many as possible during the Q and A period. 

We hope to see many of you there.