An Invitation to Give

Dear Anti-NMDA Family member,

We are nearing the end of another fiscal year and one that has seen our Foundation going in new and positive directions.

In this past year we are proud to have been able to directly influence and cultivate the training of the next generation of neurologists and psychiatrists via two travel awards – one, a travel award for a young Canadian trainee to attend the Symposium titled, Autoimmune Encephalitis: The Bridge between Neurology and Psychiatry, this past April in New York City and the second, for a young trainee to attend the annual congress of the Canadian Neurological Society in Montreal, to present their Anti-NMDA research results. We look forward to continuing to encourage and reward young trainees who are motivated and interested in the field of neuro-immunology in 2020.

Our involvement in organizing and sponsoring the 2019 Symposium in NYC was truly rewarding, as we managed to attract some of the most prominent experts in the field. Planning for the next symposium is already underway but a date has yet to be determined.

Ongoing projects include helping to organize the first World Encephalitis Conference for survivors and caregivers, in Dallas, Texas, on 21-23 February 2020, in collaboration with five other international charities, as well as ongoing work related to the filming of our documentary film on anti-NMDA, The New Exorcists: How New Science is casting out Old Demons.

It has been a year of greater collaboration with other charities from around the world and we anticipate this trend to continue for the benefit of all of us who have been touched by the devastation of autoimmune encephalitis and other forms of encephalitis.

We continue to respond to all those that contact us for information and guidance, including queries regarding testing, finding an experienced clinician in their area, and those who are questioning a diagnosis of mental illness. We scour the internet for medical literature reporting the most recent results about anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis and autoimmune encephalitis for our weekly newsletter, including information regarding events and conferences that are of interest to our community.

So, I really did not mean to go on about our progress and achievements, but I do feel it is important that you have an idea of what happens with your contributions. Donations do taper off significantly over the summer months and into the Fall which is why we invite you to partner with us, in giving, to support all in our community who are fighting the fight of their lives

Thank you to all who have contributed in the past.

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