Book Review: Life After Encephalitis – A Narrative Approach by Dr. Ava Easton

The Foundation is pleased to have had the chance to review, Dr. Ava Easton’s recently published book, Life after Encephalitis – A Narrative Approach

The book is a valuable and overdue addition to the growing body of literature on encephalitis; a disease that manifests in a variety of forms, is often misunderstood, devastating and sometimes deadly. The book is unique in that it tells many stories of encephalitis, from different perspectives, eg, the survivor, the parents of those that did not make it, the physician, as well as those that are unable to tell their story. Encephalitis is much more than just “inflammation of the brain”and its consequences are far-reaching and life-altering. The many narratives in the book illustrate this brilliantly.

The book will appeal to a wide readership, including academics, healthcare providers and all those that have been affected or have an interest in learning more.

Dr. Easton is an expert on encephalitis and CEO of The Encephalitis Society.

The book may be purchased via The Encephalitis Society at the following link: