Brain Injury Resources Page

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Much of the medical literature on anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis focuses on the critical stages of the illness, including the treatment and management of the myriad overlapping symptoms and behaviours. Once the patient has been treated medically, has gone through rehabilitation and then discharged to their caregiver(s), they are in many cases still far from being 100%. The patient will be said to be recovering from the effects of an acquired brain injury (ABI). This stage is just as challenging for the survivor and the caregiver, as the presentation can resemble the early stages of the illness and it is not always clear whether the patient is improving or regressing/relapsing. Being told that your loved-one is recovering from a brain injury can be very frightening indeed! It therefore became clear that a page dedicated to Brain Injury Resources was needed. We are pleased to direct you to our newest page dedicated to issues related to Brain Injury. Some of the webpages refer to a Traumatic Brain injury, which is not the case of those affected by anti-NMDA, however the symptoms are very similar. In contrast though, the effects of an ABI are frequently reversible and sequelae may range from mild to serious.

The page will be a work in progress. We hope we can count on you to bring any other useful links to our attention, to be added to this page: