Have you ever wondered whether patients diagnosed with NMDAre or other related forms of autoimmune encephalitis (AE) may have a genetic predisposition to AE?

A few months ago, we were contacted by a research group from Stanford University in California who is investigating this question. They have now obtained all the necessary approvals to begin recruiting patients and samples for the study, known as IGNITE.  Below you will find all the information you will need to find out if you are eligible to participate, and what is required from you.

​We encourage you to participate if you meet the eligibility criteria, as attaining large sample sizes is key to genetic studies.

We are grateful to Dr. Emmanuel Mignot and Dr. Sergio Muñiz-Castrillo of the Stanford Centre for Sleep Sciences and Medicine and their team for undertaking this important investigation.

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Immunogenetics in immune-mediated encephalitis

Autoimmune encephalitis and related disorders comprise a group of diseases in which the immune system abnormally reacts against the brain or other parts of our nervous system.

The cause of autoimmune encephalitis is unknown but it is possible that a genetic predisposition exists.



The IGNITE study conducted at Stanford University aims to investigate the genetic predisposition to autoimmune encephalitis and related disorders.


Saliva samples will be used to obtain DNA, where our genetic information is contained.

Blood samples will be used to isolate the cells from the immune system

Do you want to participate?

If you want to participate, please scan the QR code or visit:

You will have to complete a survey and upload your medical notes attesting your diagnosis, including the antibody detection in serum and/or CSF

Our team will get back to you regarding whether or not you meet the eligibility criteria.

If you are eligible, we will send you an Informed Consent to be signed electronically, as well as an online questionnaire (10 minutes) and a kit for saliva sample.

You can also donate a blood sample (additional, voluntary)

For complaints, concerns, or participant’s rights, contact 1-866-680-2906