Funds raised by Daisy Guruvadoo and generous donors from the International Club of New Smyrna Beach, Florida, will launch the Autoimmune Encephalitis Research and Education Fund at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri

The Foundation is grateful to Daisy Guruvadoo for sharing her daughter’s battle with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis (NMDARE), thereby giving much needed hope to others. She has also raised funds for the Foundation, in collaboration with the New Smyrna Beach International Club in Florida. We are delighted that these funds will be used to establish the Autoimmune Encephalitis Research and Education fund at Washington University in St. Louis (Saint Louis, Missouri), and will directly support the work of the Foundation’s Clinical Director and Neurologist, Dr. Gregory Day.

Ms. Guruvadoo has vowed to take this life-altering event and bring something positive about by bringing greater public awareness to NMDARE, by sharing her daughter’s story with others, and by raising funds for research.

We invite you to read Ms. Guruvadoo’s testimony about her daughter’s battle with NMDARE, here:

Kharina’s Story, 21 years-old, Florida, USA

Sharing one’s testimony of a loved-one’s battle with NMDARE may give hope to others and is also a part of the healing process that caregivers go through to reconcile themselves to the traumatic events that they have lived through (or in many cases, are still living in).