Interview with Dr. E. Muscal, Pediatric Rheumatologist and Jeff Bekos, father of survivor Hailey Bekos

The Foundation is pleased to invite you to listen to an interview about autoimmune encephalitis, specifically anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis with Dr. Eyal Muscal and Jeff Bekos, father of anti-NMDA survivor Hailey Bekos.

The program will air on Friday, November 4th – all day/on demand at and the MyNDTALK app – available for a free download from iTunes. The program will remain on the MyNDTALK home page through Sunday – and then will be archived under Friday On The Other Side – at the site. It will also air at @ 8pm Eastern Standard time and will then be available at the same site on demand after 8 pm Eastern Standard Time.