New Movie Trailer! The New Exorcists: How New Science is Casting out Old Demons

In celebration of World Encephalitis Day (WED), February 22, the Foundation is very pleased to release a trailer for the upcoming documentary on anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, which is presently in production with the support of Little Wolf Productions.

The New Exorcists: How New Science is Casting out Old Demons is a proposed one-hour documentary project about three families’ harrowing experience with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis,the disease which some researchers now believe would have in the past been attributed to demonic possession,hysteria and madness.

With recent discoveries, hope for quicker diagnosis and therapies is improving, however there is continuing need for greater awareness, expedited treatment, and support for those caught directly or indirectly in the path of this illness.

The documentary will not only shine a light on a disease that otherwise may remain overlooked by mainstream medicine, it will speak directly to a wider audience by focusing on how advocating for one’s own health can be critical for recovery, especially when dealing with rare or complicated illnesses.

Little Wolf Productions is an independent, Canadian-based, multi-platform production company specializing in documentary films that entertain, educate and enrich. Besides having premiered films at top-tier international film festivals (Cannes, Toronto, Berlin), their projects have garnered 100,000’s online views, and are being featured in art galleries, museums, screened at international conferences and used as teaching tools by the B.C. Ministry of Education. For more information on clients and awards:

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