Our Mission

The Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Foundation

exists for all patients and caregivers, at all stages of illness and recovery. Together we will continue the battle; we will encourage those in the trenches; and we will fight for the memory of those no longer with us. Join us in our goals to promote awareness, provide support, and raise funds for research committed to understanding and ending this and related diseases.

Through the Foundation and our network of caregivers, patients, physicians and healthcare providers we will strive to:

  • raise awareness of the disorder through education
  • promote clinical and basic science research concerning the risk factors and disease pathogenesis
  • promote the diagnosis and treatment of the disease
  • establish a national registry to track incidence and prevalence
  • provide an ongoing forum for patients and their caregivers
  • provide a clearinghouse of published information for the professional caregiver, parents, and patients

The Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis Foundation, Inc. was established in Canada as a not-for profit-foundation on 26 October 2012 and obtained charitable status from the Canada Revenue Agency on 25 March 2013. Registration number 84332 8337RR0001.