Jett’s Story, 18 years

Arnhem, The Netherlands

My name is Jet and I am 18 years old and I live in Arnhem, the Netherlands.  I’m still in recovery from anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, in a medical rehabilitation center. On Christmas Eve, 2015, I got my first episode and by early 2016 I deteriorated more and more. After scans and testing of cerebral spinal fluid, they found out that I had Anti-NMDA. I was treated with lots of prednisone and they also found a tumor in my ovary but they couldn’t find where the disease came from. In summer 2016, they said after lots of prednisone treatments and talking with other doctors in Rotterdam and Utrecht such as Dr. Titulaer they discharged me from the hospital and I was fully recovered and healthy. Unfortunately, in August 2016, when I got back early from my trip to Santa Barbara Ef Summer school, I relapsed. I got into a fight with my family again and was hospitalized in Apeldoorn my hometown. I had really bad anger attacks so they brought me for two weeks to Rotterdam and the anti-NMDA had flared-up again. It had a sort of vacation in the summer.  I was given more Prednisone but also Rituximab until December.  I had to be in Apeldoorn for Prednisone and Rituximab in hospital. Finally, in January 2017 they told me that the bad cells were gone.  Since, I have not had any relapses. I’m now still recovering as my brain is so damaged I had to quit my school.  I was on the highest level in high school in the Netherlands (Gymnasium) I should have gotten to university law school by now but because of my disease, everything has gotten in my way. Now, I’m still in a medical recovery center to be able to get a life, a job and an education.