Savannah’s Story, Medicine Hat, Alberta

My journey started on October 29, 2012. My daughter Savannah was in and out of Medicine.Hat Regional Hospital 3 weeks prior to that day, suffering with fainting and headaches. They said that nothing was wrong with her. Told me I’m the one that`s making a mountain out of a mole hill. Oct 29, 12:37am- Savii came in my room. I thought she was sleep walking, put her back to bed, and 5 minutes later she had a grand mal seizure, which lasted about a hour. Now they put her in an induced coma. The same morning in Alberta Children’s Hospital Calgary. My nightmare worsens. They released her on the 31 October – Halloween. We knew it still wasn’t right. Went home to the Hat. Back in hospital same night, but worse. Told me she was going crazy. Lost my mind. They put her on 5 North( Psych unit). 11 days of hell. Feeding her so many anti-psychotic meds, she didn`t need. On the 11th day, went in her room and lost it.

Malnourished, de-hydrated. In ICU 11 days later they get her to ACH in Calgary. Cause I flipped out. 3 DAYS it took them to flush out all psych. meds, then deal with the problem. Learned we have no rights to our kids. 2 weeks later, started treatment. Watching your child go through this, is hell. Strapped to a bed – chest arms and legs. Having male security there stalking my child. I fought that. Big time. Creepers. Remember she is 16. They did 7 MRI`s, lost count on spinal taps. She had No TUMOUR. Makes it worse. Plasmapherises, Steroids. Can’t even imagine. I.V.I.G.. lost all motor skills. Strapped to her bed for 5 months. That almost killed us. She came home 23rd of April.2013. Best day ever. Every story is different. Savannah is recovering well. A lot of praying. Wanted to give a little bit about our story. Hope it helps someone. Please, if I can help in any way possible to anyone I will do so. Always remember there is hope. Don’t give up. Fight for what you believe in.