The Story of G, 2007-2017, New Zealand

New Zealand

(2007) My daughter 13yrs old at the time, appeared in a coma-like state with extreme catatonia &was admitted in child psychiatric ward. 6 long years drugged-up & treated as a psychiatric patient, diagnosed with bipolar.

(2013) Age of 18yrs, she died while still in mental health, psychiatric care before rushing her to medical ward & put on life support where she stayed 11mths, lumber puncture, diagnosed NMDA receptor encephalitis, teratoma found & over a duration both ovaries were removed, plasma, chemo, steroid, alemtuzumab to no avail. She lay, tied to a bed a further 7mths in HDU. Drs waited expecting her to die.

(2015) We managed to have her discharged to rehab, where she stayed & remained in a coma-like state, non-responsive roughly 12mths before she started to emerge out of her coma. 21yrs of age she began to walk, talk, eat & communicate again.

Today (2017) of next week she’s having her 23rd Birthday & living to celebrate many more birthdays to come. Living life independently, study, working and I can say she is with a 98% recovered and still recovering to reach the other 2%.
…Bless you all on this journey….