Rest in Peace, Yasmin.

Many of the patient testimonials that we publish are of recovering or recovered patients. But there are those that make up the approximately 6 % who do not survive their battle with NMDA and whose stories remain untold. One such patient is Yasmin, who lost her battle with NMDA after being in a coma and on life-support for 15 agonizing months. Despite the identification of a teratoma tumour and the removal of both ovaries, she failed to improve. “I love to sing, I love to perform, I love to give people the relief that I feel when I listen to good music; I love listening to music, and if I can make people feel that way about my music, then that would be everything I really want to do.” Those are the words spoken by 18-year-old Yasmin during her audition for the X-Factor, shortly before she was stricken with NMDA.

We are humbled and grateful to Elizabeth, Yasmin’s mother for sharing Yasmin’s story with us. The grief will never go away but by sharing her daughter’s story, she knows that that is what Yasmin would have wanted, namely, to help others and to continue to shine a stark bright light on this illness. You can read Elizabeth’s account at the following link:

Yasmin, Age 18