Robert Sheer, Five Years Later

All our patient or caregiver testimonials are stories of people facing the battle of their life. For most, if not all, these stories represent the most difficult challenge they will face in their lifetime. Some are longer than others, some don’t resolve as hoped for, others end in the grief of losing a loved-one but fortunately most do make a good recovery.

We have never done a follow-up to any of the stories that are published on our website but there are some that are so remarkable that they must be shared. One such testimonial is that of Robert Sheer. You can listen to his original video testimonial from January 2016, here:

Robert lost his livelihood (He had his own home remodeling company.) He lost his home and his marriage fell apart, because of the ravages of anti-NMDA. In the face of these tragic losses, Robert has managed to reinvent himself and rebuild his life thanks to a special gift. With the help of his new-found love, now wife, Paula who was his caregiver, guide, and mentor, and, as a professional artist, she introduced him to the joys and satisfactions of drawing. He was no longer remodeling homes but capturing the likenesses of his fellow autoimmune encephalitis warriors in portraits. Before anti-NMDA, Robert could not draw. He had no idea that he had a dormant artist within him, and it took anti-NMDA to trigger this change in his brain. His neurologist referred to it as an “awakening”. We are pleased to share with you here, a gallery of some of Robert’s portraits.


When Robert first started drawing, it was a therapy for him and an activity that helped to keep him focussed and one that helped him to forget about anti-NMDA for a while. It was never about the money. “The money is a bonus”, says Robert.

Although Art is frequently bought and sold, it is unlike a service or a commodity on which a price can be put. Rather, it is a gift to the artist and one to which he has an emotional attachment. Once the artist choses to part with his creation, the gift is passed on to the next person. A negotiation regarding the value or worth of the drawing can be undertaken with the artist which is agreeable to all and which retains the spirit and the integrity of the gift. If you would like to have Robert do your portrait you can send him an email at

Robert no longer requires treatments but still takes some anti-seizure medications.